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VAT practical manual 2022.

Exemptions for insurance and financial transactions

The following operations are exempt:

  • insurance, reinsurance and capitalization operations.

    Likewise, mediation services, including customer acquisition, for the conclusion of the contract between the parties involved in carrying out the above operations, regardless of the status of the businessman or professional who provides them.

    Within insurance operations, the modalities of provision will be understood to be included.

  • financial operations, such as cash deposits, credits and money loans, guarantees, transfers, money orders, checks, drafts, promissory notes, bills of exchange, payment or credit cards and others payment orders; operations with foreign currency, banknotes and coins that are legal means of payment; deliveries of collector coins when made by the issuer for an amount not exceeding their face value; operations with shares, participations in companies, bonds and other securities.

    The management and deposit of collective investment institutions, venture capital funds, pension funds, mortgage market regulation, asset securitization and retirement groups, constituted in accordance with their specific legislation, are also exempt.

    Credit collection management services, bills of exchange, receipts and other documents are not exempt. Nor are the services provided to the assignor within the framework of factoring contracts included in the exemption, with the exception of advances of funds that, in any case, may be provided in these contracts.