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Practical Handbook VAT 2022

Scope of application of the simplified system

The simplified regime applies, unless waived in due time and form, to those who meet the following requirements:

  1. That they are individuals or entities under the income attribution regime for personal income tax purposes, provided that in the latter case, all their partners, heirs, co-owners or participants are individuals.

  2. Who carry out any of the activities included in the Ministerial Order that regulates this regime, provided that, in relation to such activities, they do not exceed the limits established for each of them by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function.

  3. Their income volume in the previous year does not exceed any of the following amounts:

    • For all its activities except agriculture, forestry and livestock farming, 250,000 euros per year.

      For these purposes, all transactions shall be taken into account, regardless of whether or not there is an obligation to issue an invoice.

    • For all agricultural, forestry and stockbreeding activities to be determined by the Minister for Finance and the Civil Service, 250,000 euros per year.

      For these purposes, only transactions to be recorded in the Register Books shall be taken into account.

  4. That the volume of acquisitions and imports of goods and services for all the economic activities carried out, excluding those relating to fixed assets, does not exceed 250,000 euros (VAT excluded).Within this limit, subcontracted works and services shall be taken into account and purchases of fixed assets shall be excluded.

  5. That it has not waived its application.

  6. That he/she has not renounced or is not excluded from the objective estimation at IRPF.

  7. None of the activities carried out by the taxpayer are subject to direct assessment of personal income tax or to any of the VAT systems that are incompatible with the simplified system.For these purposes, the activities covered by the REAGP and the special equivalence surcharge scheme are compatible.