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VAT practical manual 2022.

Amounts paid from current transactions

The fee borne by current operations will be the sum of all the fees borne or paid for the acquisition or import of goods and services, other than fixed assets, intended for the development of the activity, to the extent that they are deductible, by application of the general criteria for deduction of the contributions borne by the Value Added Tax.

Compensations paid to taxpayers under the special regime for agriculture, livestock and fishing will also be deductible.

Likewise, 1 percent of the amount of the fee accrued for current operations will be deductible for fees borne that are difficult to justify .

However, fees paid outside of the financial year will not be deductible, nor fees paid for travel or travel, hospitality and catering services in the event that business owners or professionals carry out their activity in a specific location.

When acquisitions or imports of goods and services are made for their common use in several activities subject to this regime, the fee to be deducted will be that resulting from the proration based on their effective use, and if it is not possible to apply said procedure, by equal parts.

It is also necessary to indicate that the deduction of the contributions borne or paid for current operations will not be affected by the receipt of subsidies that are not part of the tax base for the activity under the simplified regime.

Finally, it must be taken into account that the contributions borne or paid will only be deductible in the self-assessment corresponding to the last tax period of the year in which they should be understood to have been borne or paid.