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Practical Handbook for Companies 2021

Confirmation and preview of the return

  • Once the declaration has been completed, by clicking on the button "Validate declaration" a check is made of the status of the declaration. Esta comprobación se puede realizar en cualquier momento de cumplimentación de la declaración.In any case, this review will be carried out automatically when "Sign and send" is selected.

  • In the validation of the declaration, a list of any warnings, cautions or errors found shall be presented:

    • It is advisable to check the notices and warnings that are presented.

    • If there are errors the file will not be allowed to be generated.

    • The warnings notify an omission of data whose correction could be required at a later date by the Tax Administration.

  • Si lo desea puede acceder también a la vista previa de la declaración.


    You can carry out simulations of possible company returns using the service "Companies WEB Open (Simulator)". However, the calculations and tests carried out with this programme will not allow you to file your company returns, as this requires the use of the Companies WEB help service.