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Practical Handbook for Companies 2021

Canary Islands investment reserve (Law 19/1994)

In the boxes [C10] and [E10], with a negative sign the reduction corresponding to the amounts of the cooperative results and extra-cooperative results destined for the reserve for investments in the Canary Islands, under the conditions established in article 27 of Law 19/1994, of 6 July, amending the Economic and Fiscal Regime of the Canary Islands, and with a positive sign the increase in the accounting result arising as a consequence of non-compliance with any of the requirements established in the aforementioned article.

A tener en cuenta:

The boxes [C10] and [E10] have correlation with the boxes [00404] and [00403] "Reserve for investments in the Canary Islands (Law 19/1994)" on page 13 of form 200, so that box [C10] can be completed by transferring the amount entered in the aforementioned boxes, with a negative sign if it is a reduction in the accounting result and with a positive sign if it is an increase.