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Practical Handbook for Companies 2021

Trading group (box 00081)

The entities that have ticked the box [00081] "Subsidiary multinational group" of the sub-section "Other characters" on page 1 of form 200, must complete the following information on the ultimate parent company of the multinational group to which it belongs in the section "Business group" on page 1 of form 200 :

  • Tax Identification Number (NIF) or, in the event that said entity does not have a NIF in Spain, the equivalent from another country must be stated, indicating the country or jurisdiction to which the stated NIF corresponds.

  • Country code:The list of countries coded with two alphabetic characters (excluding ES) will be displayed.It is advisable to fill in this field first since, depending on the value filled in, the NIF field will be validated or not.

  • Name or company name:It will be filled in automatically in case the TIN has been validated.Otherwise, any numerical or alphabetical value is acceptable.

  • Country or jurisdiction of tax residence:The list of countries coded with two alphabetical characters (not excluding EN) shall be displayed.It can be the same or different from the country code filled in.