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Practical Handbook for Companies 2021


The amount to be entered in box [00550] "Taxable income before application of the capitalisation reserve and offsetting of tax losses" is obtained after applying to the result of the profit and loss account (box [00501]) the total of the corresponding corrections (boxes [00417] and [00418]):

[00550] = [00501] + ([00417] - [00418])

The result of this operation shall be entered in box [00550] in any case, even if it is zero or negative.And, in the latter case, preceded by a minus sign (-).

The first transitional provision of of the LIS establishes that the positive and negative off-balance sheet adjustments made to determine the taxable income for corporate income tax corresponding to tax periods commenced prior to the entry into force of Law 27/2014 will be taken into consideration for the purposes of determining the taxable income corresponding to the tax periods in which said Law is applicable, in accordance with the provisions of the rules that regulated them.

Under no circumstances shall it be admissible for the same income not to be taken into consideration or to be taken into account twice for the purposes of determining the taxable income for corporation tax purposes.