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Practical Handbook for Companies 2021

Filling in Form 200

In application of the provisions of this provision, taxpayers must enter in the box [00584] "Deductions DT 24ª.1 LIS" on page 14 of form 200, the amount of the deductions for investments in new tangible fixed assets that they are entitled to apply in the tax period covered by the tax return.The amount entered in this box shall be the amount resulting from the completion of the breakdown table on page 16a of Form 200 explained below.

Completion of the table "Deductions Transitional provision 24.1 LIS" (page 16 bis of form 200)

Taxpayers applying this domestic double taxation relief should complete this table as follows:

  • The column "Límite conjunto" refers to the joint percentage to be applied to the net tax liability (box [00582] "Cuota íntegra ajustada positiva" on page 14 of form 200), to determine the maximum amount of deduction applicable in the tax period being declared.


    According to Transitional Provision 24.1 of the LIS, deductions from different tax periods or modalities of Article 26 of Law 61/1978, of 27 December, may not exceed a joint limit of 35 percent of the net tax liability.

  • In the column "Deduction pending/g1enerated", the amounts of the deduction generated both in the current tax period (2021) and in a period prior to the current one (2016 to 2020), and which are pending application at the beginning of the tax period being declared, shall be entered in the corresponding boxes.

    A tener en cuenta:

    These deductions shall be made within the limit of the net tax liability provided for in the aforementioned Law and in the corresponding General State Budget Laws.For these purposes, the net tax liability shall be understood to be that resulting from reducing the gross tax liability by the deductions and allowances provided for in Chapters II and III of Title VI of the LIS (box [00582]).

    The row "2021:Accrual(*)" should only be completed if the entity has outstanding deductions from a previous tax period starting in 2021.

  • The column "Applied in this settlement" contains the part (or the totality if applicable) of the amounts stated in the previous column "Deduction generated" relating to the deduction for reinvestment of extraordinary profits, which are applied in the settlement corresponding to the period being settled.

    A tener en cuenta:

    In the box [00584] the total of the amounts entered in the column "Applied in this tax assessment" shall be included and shall be transferred to box [00584] on page 14 of form 200 relating to the tax assessment.

  • The positive difference between the amount of deductions outstanding at the beginning of the tax period or generated in the tax period in the column "Deduction outstanding/g2enerated" and the amount of deductions applied in the assessment of the tax period being reported in the column "Applied in this assessment" should be entered in the column "Pending application in future periods". This amount will remain pending application in future tax periods, unless the tax period being declared is the last one in which the corresponding deduction can be applied, in which case the balance pending deduction will be lost.