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Practical Handbook for Companies 2021

Non-completion of the carry-forward tables in Form 200

Negative tax bases and the deductions generated by the companies prior to their inclusion in the tax consolidation regime will apply in the group, i.e. in the consolidated statement, in accordance with the limits determined by the individual settlement, but applying for the calculation of this group criteria and taking into account eliminations and additions corresponding to the entity.

This change in criteria means that the amounts to be applied in the settlement, in both forms 200 and 220, relating to the offsetting of tax losses, deductions, capitalisation reserve, equalisation reserve, limitation on the deductibility of financial expenses in article 16 of the LIS, allocations for impairment of credits and other assets in article 11.12 of the LIS, conversion of deferred tax assets into credits payable to the tax authorities and offsetting of quotas, are going to be the same.For this reason, the possibility of filling in the carry forward tables for these items in form 200 is excluded, and they must be entered exclusively in form 220.

These entities will therefore be exempt from completing pages 15 to 20b, except for page 19, in relation to the application of results, the detail of the corrections to the profit and loss account result and page 20a, in the section on the reversal of impairment losses on securities representing holdings in the capital or equity of entities pending reversal.

In the case of groups of cooperatives, they must also not fill in the table detailing the compensation of quotas on page 22 of form 200.