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Practical Manual of Companies 2022.

Save the tax return

If you have started completing the return using the Web Companies form, but are not yet going to submit the return , using the “Save” button will be able to save the completed data. This option does not validate the data so it can be used at any time. The declaration is stored on the servers of the AEAT and at any time, from any electronic device, it can be retrieved using the "Continue" button at access WEB Companies again and the previous session is recognized. If desired, you can also proceed to complete a new declaration.

Another alternative to preserve the declaration data is to save the file with the declaration adjusted to the record design from the "Export" option. In this case, it is required that the validation be correct and that the local location where the generated .200 file will be kept be chosen.

In addition, the WEB Companies form allows you to obtain a draft of the declaration in PDF to be able to black out the data on paper, taking into account that it cannot be used for presentation, as indicated in the printed watermark.