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Practical Manual of Companies 2022.

Import accounting data

The information relating to the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, and the statement of changes in equity can be completed automatically, by importing it, thus avoiding manual completion.

Said import of the financial statements may be carried out for entities subject to the accounting standards of the Bank of Spain, insurance entities, collective investment institutions, mutual guarantee companies, and those not subject to specific regulations.

The incorporation of this data will be carried out by importing an XML file, which must conform to a specific scheme whose design is defined in the file "mod2002019.xsd" that is available on the Tax Agency's website. for development companies.

Accounting data import process

The import process is only applicable when creating a new declaration.

Once the characters of the declaration have been selected (type of entity and, if applicable, the account statement associated with it), a pop-up window will be displayed that will allow you to select the XML file to import:

Pop-up window to import accounting data manually or through a file

If you choose not to select a file, the inclusion of the data will be manual. If, on the other hand, a file is selected, the completion form will automatically import the data into the corresponding sections.

The XML file is read sequentially and data will only be incorporated into the declaration if the file is correct.

The import process can generate warnings or errors, and in both cases it allows the generation of a report with the anomalous situations found:

  • The warning messages provide warnings about the XML file, but do not prevent the import of the data.

  • On the contrary, if errors are found, no data will be incorporated into the declaration, but it will be completely processed in order to be able to display said errors on the screen to the user.