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Practical Manual of Companies 2022.

WEB Companies Help Service

  • The Web Companies help service allows direct access to the AEAT server to process and submit the tax return, without having to download a help program on a computer.

    In this way, using any electronic device that allows connection with this server, you can proceed to complete the Corporate Tax declaration. If you do not have all the data for the presentation of the declaration, Web Companies allows you to save the modifications you have made so that when you access it later from any device you can continue completing the declaration with the data pending, modify said data or even complete a new declaration.

  • From this form you can access the specific help for each section of the declaration by clicking on the "Help" button located in the toolbar. Application tools. This button will open the corresponding section of the help in which it is located. The “Sections” button will allow you to navigate through the declaration to directly access the boxes you need to complete.

  • You can also carry out simulations of possible Corporate Tax returns using the “Open WEB Companies (Simulator)” service. Its access is unauthenticated, so no electronic certificate is required.

    The calculations and tests carried out with this program will not allow you to present the Company declarations made, since for this it is necessary to use WEB Companies.

  • Finally, you can have the tax data available to complete the Corporate Tax return.

    These tax data will be informative in nature and their objective is to assist in the correct completion of the self-assessment of Corporate Tax.