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Practical Manual of Companies 2022.

Confirmation and preview of the return

  • Once the declaration has been completed, by pressing the “Validate declaration” button the status of the declaration is checked. This verification can be carried out at any time when completing the declaration. In any case, this review will be carried out automatically when "Sign and send" is selected.

  • When validating the declaration, a list will be presented with the notices, warnings or errors found:

    • It is advisable that you review the notices and warnings that are presented.

    • If there are errors generation of the file will not be allowed.

    • The warnings notify an omission of data whose correction could be subsequently required by the Tax Administration. 

  • If you wish, you can also access the preview of the declaration.


    You can carry out simulations of possible Company declarations using the “Open WEB Companies (Simulator)” service. However, the calculations and tests carried out with this program will not allow you to present the Company declarations made, since to do so it is necessary to use the WEB Companies help service.