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Practical Manual of Companies 2022.

Depreciation of fixed assets assigned to research and development activities

According to the provisions of article 12.3.b) of the LIS , for corporate tax purposes they can be freely amortized the elements of tangible and intangible fixed assets, excluding buildings, used for research and development activities. The buildings may be depreciated on a straight-line basis over a period of 10 years in the part to which they are affected to research and development activities.

Filling in form 200

In application of the provisions of this provision, the taxpayer must make the following adjustments in boxes [00305] and [00306] «Amortization of fixed assets assigned to research and development activities (art. 12.3.b) LIS)» on page 12 of model 200:

  • In the box [00305] of increases, the amount of the amortizations related to any of the referred elements recorded in the tax period object of declaration and that, by application of said tax rule, will be entered. would have already been deducted in previous tax periods through the corresponding decrease in the accounting result. Likewise, in the event of transfer of the element that has taken advantage of the freedom of amortization, in the tax period in which it is transferred, the amount of the negative adjustments made previously and that have not yet been integrated must be included in this box. with a positive sign in the tax base.

  • In the box [00306] of reductions, the excess amortization that is deductible over the accounting amortization in the tax period subject to declaration will be entered in the cases provided for in letter b) of article 12.3 of the LIS.