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Practical Manual of Companies 2022.

Intercompany internal double taxation deduction

According to the provisions of article 32 of Law 20/1990, of December 19, on the Fiscal Regime of Cooperatives, members of protected cooperatives have rights in relation to cooperative returns , to a deduction in the quota of 10 per 100 of those received.

In the event that the returns come from a specially protected cooperative and that, therefore, they would have benefited from the bonus provided for in article 34 of Law 20/1990, this deduction will be of 5 per 100 of said returns.

Filling in form 200

In box [00577] "Deduction for internal intercorporate double taxation at 5/10% (cooperatives)" on page 14 of form 200, the deduction resulting from applying the percentage will be entered of 10 percent (5 percent in the case of specially protected cooperative societies) on the amount of returns computed by the taxpayer in the year, provided that said returns come from cooperative societies that have in turn paid taxes without any bonus or reduction. for Corporate Tax.

Keep in mind:

The deduction is determined, for each homogeneous group of securities, in the following way:

  • Deduction for intercorporate double taxation at 5 percent = A x 0.05
  • Deduction for intercorporate double taxation at 10 percent = A x 0.10

“A” being the full amount of the returns with the right to deduction