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Practical Manual of Companies 2022.

Applicable percentages

The deduction for the acquisition of new fixed assets continues to be applied in the Canary Islands in accordance with the deduction regime in force at the time of the suppression of article 26 of Law 61/1978, with the specialties introduced by article 94 of Law 20/1991.

Therefore, the 5 percent deduction percentage established in the twelfth Additional Provision of Law 43/1995, may be increased in accordance with article 94.1.a) of Law 20/1991 . This article indicates that the rates applicable to investments made will be 80 percent higher than those of the general regime, with a minimum differential of 20 percentage points. In the case of this deduction, the percentage to be applied will be 25 percent , since it is the greater of the following two percentages:

  • 5% x 1.8 = 9%
  • 5% + 20% = 25%