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2021 Wealth Tax practical guide.

Taxpayers by personal obligation

Regulations: Art.5 Wealth Tax Act

They are taxable persons of Wealth Tax for personal obligation:

  1. Individuals who have their habitual residence in Spanish territory .

    However, when a resident in Spain becomes a resident of another country, he or she may opt to continue paying taxes for personal obligations in Spain. This option must be exercised by filing the declaration for personal obligation in the first financial year in which it ceased to be a resident in Spain.

  2. Natural persons of Spanish nationality who are regular residents abroad who are payers of Personal Income Tax.

    They are the natural persons of Spanish nationality, as well as their non-legally separated spouse and children of legal age who have their habitual residence abroad for their status as:

    1. Members of Spanish diplomatic missions, whether as Head of Mission, as members of the diplomatic, administrative, technical or service staff.

    2. Members of the Spanish Consular Offices, whether as the Head of the same or as a civil servant or service staff assigned to them, except for the Viceconsumes fees or consular agents and the personnel under them.

    3. Holders of official employment or position of the Spanish State as members of the Permanent Delegations and Representations accredited to International Organisations or who are part of Delegations or Missions of observers abroad.

    4. Active civil servants holding official posts or employment abroad which is not diplomatic or consular.

However, the aforementioned persons will not be subject to Personal Income Tax when, not being active public officials or holders of the post or official employment, they already have their usual residence abroad before the acquisition of any of the conditions listed in points (a) to (d) above.

In the case of spouses who are not legally separated and children under the age of , they will not be subject to Personal Income Tax when they already have your usual residence abroad before the acquisition by the spouse, parent or parent of any of the conditions listed in points (a) to (d) above.

Assets and rights to be declared

In general, these taxpayers must declare all the goods and rights of economic content that they are holders at 31 December, with independence of the place where the goods are located or the rights can be exercised, with deduction of the encumbrances and encumbrances of a real nature that the value of the respective assets and rights, as well as the personal debts and obligations to be met by the declarant.