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2021 Wealth Tax practical guide.

For the creation of new companies or extension of the activity of newly created companies

Regulations: Article 13. revised Text of the legal provisions of the Autonomous Community of Galicia with regard to taxes transferred by the State, approved by Legislative Decree 1/2011 of 28 July.

Requirements for applying the deduction

That the goods or rights of economic content calculated for determining the taxable base appear to which the deductions were applied in the full autonomous community payment of Personal Income Tax relating to the creation of new companies or the extension of the activity of recently created companies, or investment in the acquisition of shares or social holdings in new or recently created entities.

Amount and maximum deduction limit

  • On 75% of the share corresponding proportionately to the aforementioned assets or rights. 100

  • The maximum deduction limit will be 4,000 euros per taxpayer.

Loss of the right to deduction made

Failure to comply with the requirements set out in the Personal Income Tax deductions will determine the loss of this deduction.


This deduction will be incompatible with deductions "For investment in agricultural companies" and "For the participation in the equity of entities that operate real estate in historic centres."