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Protocol for the implementation of the provision of tax information to Local Entities adhered to the Agreement for the Exchange of Tax Information and Collaboration in Collections Management (PROTEELL - June 2021)

3.2.3. Enquiries related to this transfer method

  1. Enquiry of requests New window

    To carry out this consultation, you must have an electronic certificate.

    This query allows you to see the history of requests made by type of supply and process date.

    By clicking on a certain transfer, you will obtain more information about the files associated with that request.

  2. Checking of supplied data New window

    This query allows you to check, one by one, the data provided by the Tax Agency with respect to any of the interested parties included in a response file.

    To carry out this enquiry, which does not require an electronic certificate, you will just need to enter the NIF of the data subject and the reference associated with that NIF, made up of the last 11 digits of the record corresponding to that NIF.

    By clicking "Send," a screen will be displayed where the information is structured in three blocks: "Sending," Question "and" Response. " By clicking on the "Respuesta" (Response) tab, if the interested party is the holder of bank deposits in the territorial area, click on the "C.C." tab and a screen will be displayed with detailed information on each deposit of the interested party. Likewise, it must be done when it is necessary to consult whether the interested party is the holder of investments in investment funds.

  3. Body consultation: authorised persons and supplies New window

    Shows historical data of the persons and authorized supplies of the consulting Public Administration provided that the body is in a situation of registration.

    The consulting public administration may see a list of all bodies that share the same input tax code at the first level. For each of them, the scope (local in this case), the number of authorised persons (registration or cancellation), the number of authorised supplies, and whether it is assigned (i.e. if it is a department without its own NIF) or not is indicated.

    By clicking on the numbers included in the list, you can access the future level to obtain details of the supplies that the body has authorised or the list of public employees that are registered or cancelled.

    In the list of public employees, the date of registration and, if applicable, deregistration is specified for each of them, as well as the number of supplies to which it is authorised. As in the case of bodies, if you click on this figure, you will access the individual list of authorized supplies.

    For the use of this query, a Certificate of Representative of the Legal Person (PJ) or Certificate of Representative of the Entity without a Legal Personality (ESPJ) is required.