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Protocol for the implementation of the provision of tax information to Local Entities adhered to the Agreement for the Exchange of Tax Information and Collaboration in Collections Management (PROTEELL - June 2021)

3.2.1.Request for information via CESII

Access to the application is available through the electronic headquarters (Immediate transfer of information:application New window).In order to enter you will need to be authenticated with an electronic certificate.The application includes a tutorial.

The user must select the required supply from those authorised.

The request, which shall consist of a list of records (understood as a TIN followed by the full name - format:first surname second surname first name or business name -), may be carried out in two ways:

  • Uploading a file in ".csv" format. It is not necessary to use any special software to prepare the file.Directly from Excel, the document can be saved as a ".csv" file. The ".csv" file is a simple document type for representing data in tabular form:columns are separated by semicolons and rows by line breaks.If you are working with Excel, you can save the file with the extension ".csv". In turn, a ".csv" file can be opened in Excel, displaying the information as a table.

  • By typing directly, in a text field, a TIN or several TINs one per row (separating the TIN from the full name/company name with a semicolon).

    Depending on the supply selected, the maximum number of records requested in each request will vary.This number will be specified in the web application.

The designs can be consulted on the Tax Agency's website:

Registration design via CESII - Identity data provision New window

Register design via CESII - Heritage Information Supplies New window