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Protocol for the implementation of the provision of tax information to Local Entities adhered to the Agreement for the Exchange of Tax Information and Collaboration in Collections Management (PROTEELL - June 2021)

3.3.2.Testing of web services

The Tax Agency has an Integration environment to facilitate pre-testing of web services prior to the start of requests in the Production environment.In the Integration environment, only test NIFs prepared for validation of the different use cases related to the web service to be invoked can be consulted.

When authorising the use of a web service of the Tax Agency, the same web service will also be authorised in the Integration environment to carry out all the necessary preliminary tests.To do this, in the Registration form to request information through EELL web servicesNew window, you must indicate the details of the electronic certificate to be used in this environment.

Information on how to use this Integration environment is included in the web services documentation (Information Supplies Web Services IndexNew Window) .