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Fiscal year 2018


In 2018, tax revenues reached a figure of 208,685 million euros, which led to a growth of 7.6%. This increase is affected by the change that took place in on the VAT filing dates of taxpayers who are included in the Immediate Supply of Information (SII) system and who moved income from 2017 to 2017. 2018 If this journey is corrected, income would have increased by 5.4%.

The main causes of income growth were: The increase in taxable income and the positive results of the annual Personal Income Tax return.

The tax bases of the main taxes grew by 6.1% in 2018, almost one point above the growth recorded the previous year, and exceeding the maximum reached in 2007 at the level for the first time. Although the trend in real activity went down throughout the year (as evidenced by it, among other indicators, the real GDP, affiliation, total deflated sales of Large Companies and the number of wage recipients in them) , in nominal terms, the profile was different, especially with regard to taxable bases. Thus, in the second half of the year, additional income was increased thanks to wage and pension increases approved public, together with the 2018 Budget in July and the improvement of profits, and, on the other hand, a boost to the foundations linked to spending as a result of price increases, especially in energy products.

The result of the evolution of the bases was an increase in income from withholdings on work, for payments deferred in Corporation Tax and VAT, which explain, among the three, 90% of the growth recorded in 2018.

The rest of the growth was basically due to the good results that took place in the annual Personal Income Tax return when the tax was settled 2017 (and therefore linked to income generated in that year) and which resulted in a sharp increase in income and in the maintenance of the amount of refunds made.