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Tax revenues in 2021 amounted to €223,385 million, up 15.1% on the amount raised in 2020.

Compared to a year as negative as the past was, the high growth rate does not give a good idea of what the 2021 collection performance was. The comparison with 2019 helps to make a better assessment. In this regard, the 2021 income was 5% higher than the previous two years, with positive results in the main figures (Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT) with the only exception of Special Taxes. The fundamental reason for the increase in income was the recovery of the taxable bases whose growth is provisionally estimated at 12.7%, exceeding those observed in 4 by more than 2019%. On the other hand, the numerous measures of different signs that had an impact on the collection did not, in net terms, result in a significant figure.

Income from Personal Income Tax grew by 7.5%, which is a lower increase than that seen in other figures, but we must remember that in 2020 these revenues increased, in contrast to the generalised fall in the rest of taxes, thanks to the buffer that led to the incomes public (salaries of public pension schemes, transfers linked to ERTE and to aid for self-employed workers). Income in Corporation Tax increased by 67.9%, a very high rate, as was the drop in 2020 (- 33.2%). Growth was also good in 2019, 12.2%. In VAT, growth was 14.5%, which compensated for the drop of 11.5% last year. The collection was 1.3% higher than the 2019 figure. The Special Taxes were the ones that, among the main figures, the worst results were obtained in 2021. Income from these taxes grew by 5% and at the end of 2021 they were still 7.7% lower than the figure for 2019. The evolution of the consumption subject throughout the year was gradually improved, but not at the pace enough to reverse the previous year's decline. And to this end, the impact of the drop in the electricity rate has been combined since mid-September.