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100 kilos of tobacco tobacco seized in the trunk of a vehicle in Badajoz

A joint operation by the Tax Agency and the Guardia Civil

  • There are two detainees of Portuguese nationality 
  • The vehicle where they transported the contraband tobacco has also been seized.

January 19, 2023 .- Customs Surveillance officials of the Tax Agency and agents of the Civil Guard, in a joint operation, have seized 100 kilos of tobacco tobacco without the regulatory seals that It was transported in the trunk of a vehicle and two people of Portuguese nationality related to the events have been arrested.

The investigation began at the end of 2022, when an action was carried out in which one of the detainees was involved in cutting tobacco without seals, and the corresponding report was drawn up for an administrative violation of smuggling. After that intervention, the detainee was being investigated.

The operation was carried out on January 12, when the investigated person was detected in the Gurugú neighborhood of Badajoz driving a vehicle.

Given the existing indications that he could be transporting contraband tobacco, he was told with light and acoustic signals to stop the vehicle. Once the two occupants were identified, the tourism was recognized and registered. After being interrogated, one of the detainees stated that they were transporting 100 kilos of chopped tobacco, a fact that was confirmed by the registry.

The actions continued in the offices of the Customs Surveillance Operational Unit of the Regional Customs and Special Taxes Unit of the Badajoz Tax Agency, where it was confirmed by weighing that what was seized was 100 kilos of chopped tobacco. Samples were later taken for analysis.

As a consequence, the two people related to the events were detained to take statements, as well as the vehicle that was transporting the goods was seized.