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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018

1. Introduction

Renta Web is the help service for processing and submitting the Income Tax return, which combines the advantages of the two main help services that existed previously, simplicity of the draft and breadth of the PADRE. The taxpayers access the Tax Agency server directly and add any detail or income, in such a manner that they can easily process their draft/return for all types of incomes.

You do not need to download a program first and you can start drawing up your return on one device and finish it on another one.

All taxpayers can use Renta WEB en Renta 2018 , even those who obtain income from economic activities.

It permits simple preparation of the return for all taxpayers, because it allows the download of incomes of any nature and incorporates income not on record with the Administration.

It also allows, via the return summary, a comparison in the family unit to determine the most advantageous return option.

Depending on the source of your incomes, you will be able to obtain a draft of your tax return or your tax data, either sent to your home address or via Renta WEB.

If you obtain a return draft, you will have to examine it.

If you obtains tax data and are obliged to file a return, you must complete the return. The generation of a new draft, the modification of the previously obtained one, if necessary, as well as the preparation of the declaration can be done through the Renta WEB application.

In addition, the latest draft generated by any method (Mail or Renta WEB) and unconfirmed is placed at the taxpayer's disposal at the moment of using the Renta WEB service again, giving the option of recovering the previously generated return or starting a new process

Once the draft tax return is received, please check the personal details (dates of birth, ID numbers, addresses), the economic data and all notifications and errors on the draft by selecting the "validate" tab.

If any data is missing, you must modify the previous calculations to add it. The modification is very simple. You can do it online via the Draft/Return Processing Service (Renta WEB), or if you have a helpline profile, by calling the Taxpayer Attention Office (901 200 345, Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.) (also available on 91 535 68 13), provided that the incomes are eligible for phone support. You can also call 901 200 347 for technical computer aspects.

You can also make an appointment to be seen at our offices from May 8 to June 29. You can consult the explanatory videos on how to modify the draft, in the "Videos" icon on the home page of the Income 2018 campaign.

If you are not ready to file your draft yet, the Renta WEB service allows you to save the modifications you make and later you can access from any computer either a "New tax return" without the modifications made, or "Continue" with the tax return where the modifications were made.

If you agree with the draft shown or received, you can confirm this and file your Personal Income Tax return, by selecting the option "file tax return".