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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018

3.6. Assistance services

To facilitate the preparation and submission of the personal income tax return, the Tax Agency makes available to taxpayers, in addition to the PADRE de la Renta web program, the following help services:


The Tax Information telephone service is provided at the number 901 33 55 33.


They collaborate with the Tax Agency in the preparation of declarations through the PADRE de la Renta web program, Town Councils, Banks, Savings Banks, Rural Banks, Chambers of Commerce, Unions, Large Companies, Agrarian Associations, etc.


On the Tax Agency page ( ), in addition to finding general and tax information and aid programs, you can file personal income tax returns, obtain tax data, print identification labels and notify address changes, among other services, if you have a user certificate or PIN code. If you want information to obtain it, consult the page or call 901 33 55 33.

Without needing a certificate, you can consult general information, download assistance programs, request tax data and labels be sent to your home, make an appointment, etc.