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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018

4.1. Data capture type

An initial screen will open in which you must dial necessarily an "X" in any of the following cases :

Taxpayers who died in 2018 on a day other than December 31.
Taxpayers whose spouse is non-resident and non-IRPF taxpayer.

Also optionally can mark an "X" if you wish to enter only your own financial data without including that of the rest of the family unit.

In this case, the program will not make calculations on which of the taxation modalities (individual or joint) is more favorable, nor will it admit the possibility of requesting the suspension of the payment of the tax debt, in an amount equal to or less than the refund to the one to which your spouse is entitled to this tax. If you do not choose this option, click only "Continue".

Note: Once this screen is confirmed, it cannot be modified later and you must start a new declaration if you need to change any information.