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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018 Interest on accounts and deposits and on financial assets in general

Full income

This section will include the consideration, whatever its name or nature, derived from accounts and deposits in all types of financial institutions, including those based on operations on financial assets.

The explicit interests obtained from any class of assets representative of the collection and use of foreign capital will also be recorded in this section.

If the performance has been received in kind, the market value of the goods or services received must be computed as full income. The payment on account will be added to this value, unless its amount has been passed on to the recipient of the income.


Likewise, this section will indicate the withholdings made or payments on account made on the accrued income, amounts that the program transfers to box 0597 on page 17 of the declaration.

Deductible expenses (art. 26.1 Law)

  • Interest on accounts and deposits:

    In no case may deductible expenses be computed with respect to these returns.

  • Interest on financial assets:

    Exclusively the expenses of administration and deposit of negotiable securities will be recorded as deductible expenses.