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Form 100. 2018 Personal Income Tax return Reduction of irregular income

Net returns on real estate assets will be reduced by 30 per 100 when one of the following circumstances occurs:

  1. When they have a generation period of more than two years

    If the returns are received in instalments, only the reduction of 30 per 100 will be applicable if the resulting quotient of dividing the number of years corresponding to the generation period, counted from date to date, by the number of tax periods in instalments, by more than two (article 15. 2 Rgl.).

  2. When they are regularly qualified as obtained in a particularly irregular manner over time.

    The following are considered to be income from movable capital obtained in a particularly irregular manner over time, exclusively, when they are allocated in a single tax period (Article 15,1 of the Act):

    • Amounts obtained by the transfer or transfer of the lease agreement of business premises.

    • Compensation received from the lessee, sub-lessee or transferee for damage or damage to the property.

    • Amounts obtained by the constitution or transfer of rights of use or enjoyment of life on real estate.

    IMPORTANT: This reduction will only be applied to the amount of the net yield that does not exceed 300,000 euros.

Note: The reduction should normally be entered without a sign. However, when the reduction affects a negative net return, it will be entered preceded by the minus sign (-).