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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018

10.2.8. By investment in the acquisition of shares or social participations of new or recently created entities

Taxpayers will have the right to a deduction of 20 percent of the amounts invested during the year in the acquisition of shares or corporate participations as a result of agreements to establish companies or increase capital in the commercial companies referred to in article 68.1. of Law 35/2006 of Personal Income Tax.

The application of this deduction will proceed only on the amount invested that exceeds the maximum base of the state deduction provided for in the aforementioned article of the Law. The maximum amount of this deduction is 4,000 euros.

When the taxpayer transfers shares or participations and opts for the exemption provided for in section 2 of article 38 of Law 35/2006 of the Personal Income Tax, it will only form part of the base of the deduction corresponding to the new shares or participations subscribed, the part of reinvestment that exceeds the total amount obtained in the transmission of those. In no case may a deduction be made for new shares or participations as long as the amounts invested do not exceed the aforementioned amount.


  • The taxpayer must comply with all the requirements and conditions required in the state regulations of article 68.1 of Law 35/2006 of Personal Income Tax.

  • The entity in which the investment must be made must have its registered and tax domicile in Aragón.

  • The taxpayer may be part of the board of directors of the company, without, in any case, being able to carry out executive or management functions or maintain an employment relationship with the entity.

Failure to comply with the established requirements and conditions will entail the effects and consequences provided for in article 59 of Royal Decree 439/2007 Personal Income Tax Regulations.

This deduction will be incompatible for the same investments, with the deduction for investment in entities that are listed in the segment of expanding companies in the Alternative Stock Market.


The completion must be done in Annex B7, and the program will transfer the amounts entitled to the deduction.