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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018

10.7.1. By birth or adoption of children

Taxpayers may deduct the following amounts for each child born or adopted in the tax period, provided that they generate the right to apply the minimum for descendants established in article 58 of the Personal Income Tax Law. When both parents are entitled to the deduction, the amount will be prorated between them in equal parts. If one of the parents does not meet all the requirements to apply the deduction, the taxpayer entitled to it may only apply the proportional part of the deduction that corresponds to them.

  1. 100 euros in the case of birth or adoption of a single child.

  2. 500 euros in the case of birth or adoption of two children.

  3. 900 euros in the case of birth or adoption of three or more children.


  • The sum of the general tax base and the savings must not exceed the amount of 27,000 euros in individual taxation or 36,000 euros in joint taxation.

  • What generates the right to each of these deductions is the number of children at each birth, not the number of births during the year.

Note: The deduction will be calculated by the program based on the data you have indicated in the " Personal and family data" windows.