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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018

10.8.9. Deduction for the promotion of entrepreneurship

Taxpayers may deduct 20 percent of the amounts invested during the year in the acquisition of shares or participations as a result of agreements to establish public, limited or labor companies when the company allocates the financing received to investment projects carried out in the territory. of Castilla y León. (Section 1). The maximum deduction limit will be 10,000 euros for both individual and joint returns .

Acquisitions of shares or participations for a minimum amount of 0.5% and a maximum of 45% of the company's capital, which remain in the assets of the acquirers for at least three years, will give the right to apply this deduction. (Section 2)

The application of this deduction will require that the companies in respect of which shares or participations are acquired increase in the year in which the investment is made or in the following year and with respect to the previous year in one or more of the following situations:

- Their global workforce of workers, in terms of people/year regulated in labor regulations, in a proportion of one person/year and maintain this workforce for at least three years.

- The number of contracts signed with self-employed workers who are economically dependent on the company, and maintain these contracts for at least three years.

- The number of people who join the self-employed worker regime who are family members and collaborators.

The deduction provided for in section 1 above will also apply to the acquisition of shares or participations in companies whose sole corporate purpose is the contribution of capital to public limited, limited or labor companies whose registered and tax domicile is in Castilla y León, always that the following conditions are met:

  1. That the company whose shares and participations are acquired use the financing received within a period of six months to contribute capital to a public limited, limited or labor company whose registered and tax domicile is in Castilla y León. For these purposes, the percentages established in section 2 above will be computed with respect to the entire capital contribution.

  2. That the public limited company or labor company mentioned in the previous section meets the employment generation requirement set out in section 3 above and does not reduce its workforce in Castilla y León.

(Section 4)

To practice the deduction regulated in this article, it will be necessary to obtain a certification issued by the entity whose shares or participations have been acquired, which includes compliance, in the tax period in which the acquisition occurred, with the relative requirements. to:

  • The destination of the investment and, where applicable, the location of the registered office and tax address, included in sections 1 and 4,

  • The percentage of capital acquired and job creation, included in sections 2 and 3 and, where applicable,

  • The destination of the investment and the fulfillment of the specific investments, included in section 4.


The window will reflect the amounts invested with the right to deduction, once Annex B.7 has been completed, in which you must indicate the NIF of the entity, the amount invested and the deductible amount.  The program will transfer the amounts from that annex.