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Form 100. 2018 Personal Income Tax return Cost price

You must enter the following concepts through a data capture window:


    As a general rule, the actual amount for which this acquisition has been made will be entered.

    When the acquisition or transfer has been for profit (inheritance or donation), the amount resulting from the application of the Inheritance and Donations Tax rules will be taken for real amounts.

    Transfer of elements relating to economic activities

    If the transfer of an item to an economic activity is a matter of sale, the acquisition price or production cost of the transferred item will be entered taking into account tax deductible depreciation.

    Note: The programme does not include the calculation of the gains or losses derived from equity elements included in the Balance Sheet Update.

  • Expenses AND TAXES

    These boxes will include the expenses and taxes inherent to the acquisition, excluding interest, which have been paid by the acquirer, indicating the date on which the expense took place.


    In the case of the transfer of capital elements whose depreciation has been tax deductible (leased properties or elements associated with economic activities), the tax deductible repayments will be recorded in the year in which they were deducted.

    Non-affected assets: For repayments for 1994 and 2010, the date of the allocation must be stated, if it is different from 31 December.

    Assets under consideration: For repayments corresponding to 2010, the date of the allocation must be entered, if it is different from 31 December.

    If the element transferred is a property, the program will update the different components of the acquisition value by applying the update coefficients corresponding to the affected or non-affected assets as applicable.

The acquisition value for affected elements, taking into account the above, will consist of:

  • The value of acquisition of the asset (or cost of production or value of impact)

  • More: The cost of the investments or improvements made to the transferred item.

  • Less: The amount of tax deductible repayments, in any case, the minimum amortisation.

  • Less: The amount of partial disposals that, if applicable, have been made previously, as well as the losses suffered by the equity element.