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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018 G4 Compliance

First, you must indicate the NIF of the entity issuing the shares or units of the investment funds.

Next, if the owner of the shares and participations of the taxpayer who loses this condition due to change of residence has transferred said values.

Next, the market value on the accrual date of the last tax period in which you have the status of taxpayer for this Tax will be entered in the boxes enabled for this purpose, broken down by each homogeneous value. In the event that the values were transmitted, the transmission value will be recorded instead.

If the reduction coefficients regulated in Transitory Provision 9 of the Tax Law are applicable to said values, provided that the value of all the transfers made as of January 1, 2016 with the right to apply the percentages does not exceeds the amount of 400,000 euros. It will be entered in box 0388 of the declaration model.

It must also indicate the acquisition value of the values recorded.

The program will calculate the capital gain that will be integrated into the Savings Tax Base, and, where appropriate, will indicate the applicable reduction.