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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018 Completion

You must first tell us, if you are entitled to the deduction, the amount to which we are entitled, and record the amounts received, if applicable, as an advance payment.

In the event that the requirements to be entitled to the deduction are met only during part of the year, you must indicate the first month in which you are entitled to the deduction, and, where appropriate, the last month with the right to the deduction.

If you are not required to submit a declaration, you must tell us this, detailing whether you are submitting the individual or joint declaration.

Data relating to pensioners or unemployed . If you are unemployed, or are a recipient of any Social Security, Passive Classes or alternative Mutual Insurance pensions throughout the year, you must mark only the box that corresponds to all the months of the year. If it is not the entire year, you must mark the months in which you do have perceptions of this type.

Social security or mutual insurance contributions . In the event that you have contributions throughout the year of 100 or more euros in all the months in which you are entitled to the deduction, you must indicate only this point in the corresponding box. Otherwise, it must reflect the contributions made monthly.