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Form 100. Personal Income Tax Declaration 2018 Completion

The necessary data must be reflected in boxes 0611, 0612 and 0613 of section M "Tax Calculation and Result of the declaration".

A data entry window will open in which you must provide the information necessary to calculate the amount of the maternity deduction:

  1. You must indicate in the corresponding section of the window the period in which you carry out an activity on your own or as an employee, marking the months of 2018 in which you carry out the activity. If the activity is carried out throughout the year, you must mark "X" in the box indicated at the beginning of the window.

  2. You must also indicate the amount of contributions to Social Security (or alternative Mutual Insurance) in each month of the 2018 financial year. However, if each month's contributions are equal to or greater than 100 euros, it will not be necessary to enter them, but you must mark the box established for this purpose with an "X".

  3. Once the previous sections have been completed, in the cases of foster care or guardianship, if there are several foster carers or guardians with the right to the deduction, you must indicate the number of people with the right to the deduction.

  4. If you are entitled to an increase for expenses for daycare or authorized early childhood education centers, you must indicate the corresponding expense for the 2018 financial year.
  5. If you received amounts as advance payment of the deduction, you must enter the total amount received in the 2018 financial year.