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2022 Income Tax Campaign

Since April 11, the Tax Agency has made all the help services available to you to consult the draft, modify it and, where appropriate, present your Personal Income Tax (IRPF) return for 2022. One more year, the Tax Agency adopts a set of measures aimed at consolidating and improving the model of assistance to taxpayers, in compliance with their tax obligations, with the idea of achieving one of the essential objectives pursued by the organization, which It acquires special relevance on the dates scheduled for the presentation of the 2022 Income Tax return.

It is worth noting that in this campaign, in the 2022 Income Campaign space , a section has been incorporated designed for people over 65 years of age in compliance with the protocol signed with the Platform for Seniors and Pensioners, which includes a brochure of help services and, in addition, a short brochure and a more extensive manual with the Personal Income Tax regulations that may be of greater interest to this group.

The Tax Agency is at the forefront in the use of new technologies to assist taxpayers to facilitate compliance with their tax obligations, as well as to minimize the indirect costs associated with this compliance. In particular, and with regard to this income campaign, the different help services that the Tax Agency makes available to taxpayers are the following:

Income WEB is the help service for processing and submitting the Income Tax return most used by taxpayers. Before carrying out any procedure you must identify yourself. Once you have identified yourself, the Tax Agency provides you with your tax data, which will help you obtain the draft declaration, which is generated through the Income WEB service. Tax data can be obtained and consulted on the Internet. In addition to consulting them, when filing your income tax return with Renta WEB, you can incorporate them—the vast majority—automatically and later modify them or incorporate new data. Remember that for joint taxation, the tax data of all members of the family unit must be incorporated.

The Basic tax information telephone service also resolves doubts about Income 2022. Accessible by phone: 91 554 87 70 (also through 901 33 55 33). Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Virtual Income Assistant and the Income Informator are tools that allow you to obtain, in an easy and intuitive way, general information about Personal Income Tax and specific information about economic activities, which will help you They may be of help in your income tax return. Once all the information has been consulted, a PDF can be generated which will be a copy Exactly what appears on the screen. For this, authentication will be required by Cl@ve PIN or electronic certificate. Includes chat service available from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The APP Tax Agency : You can download it for free from a mobile device and it is available for Android and iOS operating systems in the Google, Apple and Huawei markets. You have direct access to various procedures and to the Renta WEB application to generate and present your 2022 Income tax return, as long as you meet a series of requirements.

The recently launched campaign is presented with a calendar similar to last year's and with evident improvements in the assistance tools put at the service of citizens.

All this with the commitment of the Tax Agency in assisting the taxpayer.