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Greater agility and transparency in collection procedures promoted by the Tax Agency

In 2021, the National Seizure Team, the National Disposal Team and the National Auction Table of the Collection Department were created with jurisdiction throughout the national territory.

With this new structure, more agility is achieved in collection management. In addition, taking advantage of the advances in computer tools allows certain actions to be carried out by units with national competence, which makes it easier to adapt workloads, eliminating possible overload in some cases and mitigating the risk of possible underuse in others.

The National Seizure Team carries out the functions of the management and purification of money seizures in demand or time accounts opened in credit institutions, as well as seizures of credits linked to point of sale (POS) terminals, resolving any incidents that may occur in said management. It is responsible for exercising its powers related to information requirements, processing and resolution of third parties that may arise, as well as controlling compliance with the seizure orders that it manages and the demand for debts from third parties that could be responsible for non-compliance related to these. seizure orders.

The creation of the National Disposal Team meant the establishment of mechanisms to promote actions in the disposal procedures, achieving, on the one hand, a qualitative and quantitative improvement in citizen participation in the different auction processes of the Tax Agency and, on the other, better coordination between the different offices spread throughout the national territory, where a unification of criteria and a permanent communication channel has been established that has resulted in an improvement in customer services. citizen. Performs functions related to design, planning, coordination of actions and establishment of general criteria in relation to disposal procedures. It is also responsible for giving national publicity to the auctions.

Finally, the National Auction Board is responsible for receiving the bids made in the disposal procedures in which it intervenes and, where appropriate, agreeing on the award or declaring the disposal procedure void. . In the event of the auctioned goods being awarded, it carries out the post-auction procedures in relation to the debtor, the successful bidder and the possible holders of preferential acquisition rights and, finally, it can issue the certification of the award document to put an end to the actions after the award.

In November 2022, a new search system for real estate included in its auction procedures was made available to citizens. The system allows you to quickly and easily locate any property that adapts to the citizen's needs using search criteria such as the province where the property is located, the type of property or its valuation. The search engine is accessible through the mobile application and in the Auctions section (BOE Auction Portal) of the Agency's electronic headquarters Tax.

This set of measures, both organizational and information and assistance, falls within the interest that the Tax Agency has in implementing successive improvements that facilitate participation in these processes for the greatest number of interested people, providing more complete information and greater guarantees for the citizenship.