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The Tax Agency on YouTube

The Tax Agency has developed a communication strategy to reach citizens using various means, including its electronic headquarters and social networks. Among these, his YouTube channel stands out as a way to provide clear and accessible information on tax issues. The official channel of the Tax Agency on YouTube was created in February 2008 and currently has almost 300 published videos. It is important to note that because the Agency changed its website in July 2021, some videos that were no longer relevant to the new one were removed.

The videos offer a variety of content on tax topics, including information and disclosure of general interest, the Income Tax return, VAT , Corporate Tax or informative returns, to tutorials or performances of Customs Surveillance.

To make it easier to find, the videos are organized into playlists. For example, a playlist includes the different electronic means of identifying yourself to the Administration and relating to it; Another list is dedicated exclusively to the 2022 Income Campaign and has more than 30 short videos on different aspects of the declaration, from the explanation of Income WEB to the processing of the draft, or the explanation of how to incorporate deductions or expenses in the declaration.

These videos are the most viewed during the Income Campaign months and are complemented by the videos dedicated to virtual assistance tools, which explain what they are for and how to use them, facilitating the completion of self-assessments and obtaining tax information. personalized.

In total there are more than 15 videos dedicated to explaining different aspects of electronic certificates and the Cl@ve PIN identification and authentication system. For example, how to obtain, verify or renew an electronic certificate, but also how to make a backup copy of it.

On the channel you can also find videos that will allow you to better understand the tools that the Tax Agency makes available to citizens and, thus, get the most out of them. For example, you have videos dedicated to the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency, where as a navigation guide, you can find out about your census data, consult your files and carry out all your procedures with the Tax Agency. You can also find videos explaining how to request an appointment, what benefits it has to use the Tax Agency's mobile application or what Comprehensive Digital Assistance Administrations (ADI) are useful for.

Currently, the official channel of the Tax Agency on YouTube has more than 30,000 subscribers and more than four million views. If you want to subscribe to receive notifications when new videos are published, as well as to offer your opinions and participate in improving the information provided from the channel, you can do so from the channel itself.

Access the Tax Agency channel on YouTube