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The "Narco of Wikipedia" arrested as the mastermind of a criminal network from which more than a ton of cocaine has been seized

Joint operation by the Tax Agency and the National Police

  • Another 30 people have also been arrested and a total of 23 searches have been carried out, in which assets worth ten million euros have been seized.

  • The "Narco of Wikipedia", known for recounting his drug trafficking operations on the Internet, has a criminal history that exceeds 30 years

  • A shipment of 1,165 kilos of cocaine has been seized, hidden on a sailboat that was traveling from Suriname to Valencia, and another ton of the same narcotic substance has been prevented from being sent.

April 20, 2024.- Customs Surveillance Officials from the Tax Agency and agents from the National Police have dismantled a criminal drug trafficking network when it was transporting a ton of cocaine on the high seas. This is the largest criminal group based in the Spanish Levante area, from whom a shipment of 1,165 kilograms of cocaine was seized hidden in a sailboat that was traveling from Suriname to Valencia. In addition, a shipment of another ton of the same narcotic substance has been frustrated. A total of 31 arrests and 23 searches have been made, in which assets worth ten million euros have been seized.

Among those arrested is the nicknamed "Wikipedia Narco", mastermind of the dismantled organization and with a criminal history that exceeds 30 years, known for telling his

drug trafficking operations on internet portals. The investigation has had the collaboration of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the USA, the National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom and the police of the Netherlands, France and Ireland, in addition to the CITCO, the MAOC-N and the Spain navy.

1,165 kilos of cocaine seized on a sailboat

The investigation began in mid-2022, when several people close to the leader of the organization were identified, who turned out to be experienced criminals from Eastern Europe. After the communications of several members of the criminal group were intercepted, it was found that they had a boat that had been purchased for the value of one euro.

Thanks to police investigations and the discovery of various transactions, the agents located the sailboat in the Canary Islands. The work of international police cooperation was key to developing surveillance and observing the members responsible for the transportation of narcotics on the transatlantic journey. In addition, the transfer of packages from one vessel to another was also observed, so the boarding of the two sailboats could subsequently be carried out.

After the operational work, 1,165 kilos of cocaine hidden in the boats have been seized. During the course of the investigation, more than 300 surveillance operations have been carried out and more than 100 telephone lines have been intercepted.

Nearly ten million euros to run the organization

The mastermind of the illicit drug trafficking operation was known for his extensive activity in this area. He had almost ten million euros of economic capacity to manage the organization he led, thus managing to finance the transportation of the cocaine and the expenses that it entailed, as well as the payment to the rest of the members of the organization.

In addition to his criminal career over the last 30 years, within the criminal sphere he was known as the "Wikipedia Narco" for recounting his drug trafficking operations on various internet portals. The main detainee had a second trusted person who was in charge of logistics functions and the preparation of the ships, and was also the direct link with the crew.

The investigated person, barricaded in his house, confronted the agents, at whom he pointed a shotgun at them.  Among the effects seized as a result of the searches are three boats valued at 4,200,000 euros, 44 vehicles, 40 brand watches, 60 works of art, 54 mobile phones, a virtual cryptocurrency wallet and three long weapons. 44 properties have also been seized and 74 bank accounts blocked. One of the greatest complexities of the investigation has been avoiding the kidnapping and attempted murder of a member of the rival network as a matter of settling scores.

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