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II.- Excise Duties Occupational diesel.Presentation of supply relationships.

General data


II.- Excise Duties Occupational diesel.Presentation of supply relationships.

Type of procedure





Excise duties (II. EE).List of supplies of diesel fuel presented by collaborating entities, made to authorised vehicles in retail installations, using professional diesel cards as a means of payment, or in installations for own consumption by authorised vehicles.

Responsible body

Tax Agency

General information on the procedure

Start-up method


Applicant:Citizen - Company

Place of presentation



Supply relationships.

Phases of the procedure/service

Home.Use of professional diesel card for payment in supplies from retail outlets.Telematic transmission of supplies by card-issuing entities and own consumption facilities ("professional diesel" model). Own consumption facilities.Presentation of supply relationships)

Processing.By Management Office of II. Excise Duties

Termination.Admission by Management Office of II. Excise Duties


Electronic processing

Resolution deadline

It does not have

Resolution body

Tax Agency


Replenishment:Deadline:One month.Optional, with the office that made the administrative decision to be appealed, stating that no economic-administrative claim has been lodged against it.

Economic-administrative claim:Deadline:One month from the day following the day of notification of the contested act or the day on which the procedure or the previous appeal for reconsideration may be deemed to have been dismissed.It will be addressed to the administrative body that made the appealable decision.

Information linked to e-processing

Identification system

Electronic DNI, Electronic Certificate, PIN Key

Level of interactivity

Level 4:Electronic processing


Basic Regulations