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Information to the interested party on data protection

3.4. Storage period

In accordance with article 17.3.b, d and e of EU Regulation 2016/679 , the data collected in the exercise of its functions will not be deleted and will remain in the databases of the State Agency for Tax Administration to be able to provide coverage for possible claims or legal requirements that may arise once the procedures that justified their collection have been completed.

To this end, the elimination of administrative documents held by the Tax Agency will be governed by the provisions of Royal Decree 1164/2002, of November 8, which regulates the conservation of documentary heritage with historical value, the control of the elimination of other documents of the General Administration of the State and its public bodies and the conservation of administrative documents in a medium other than the original.

In addition to what is described above, for data processing that may have a different retention period, this is described in each of the processing activities that are accessible in the processing activity record.

Record of processing activity