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Information to the interested party on data protection

4.1.5. Other considerations

Any communication with the interested party will be directed to the address indicated for notification purposes. In the event that the information required is the address, the communication may be directed to the tax address of the interested party.

If the request does not meet the indicated requirements, the interested party will be required to, within a period of ten days, correct the lack or accompany the required documents, with an indication that, if they do not do so, their request will be considered rejected.

The application will be rejected in the following cases:

  1. When the application is submitted by a legal entity.
  2. When the applicant is a person other than the interested party or his legal representative.
  3. When the right has been exercised in the last twelve months, unless a legitimate interest is proven.
  4. When dealing with generic requests.

Communication with the interested party may be done both through paper and electronic means. In the case of having exercised the right electronically, this will be the means of response used.