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Information to the interested party on data protection

4.3.3. Procedure to exercise it

In person

The interested party must present the request form for the exercise of rights to the service or unit of the Tax Agency Delegation corresponding to their tax domicile.

The rectification request must indicate:

  • ID: Name, surname of the interested party and photocopy of the national identity document of the interested party and, in exceptional cases, of the person representing him or her, as well as the document accrediting such representation. The photocopy of the national identity document may be substituted as long as the identity is proven by any other legally valid means.
  • Request specifying the information that is erroneous and the correction that must be made
  • Documentation supporting the requested rectification, unless it depends exclusively on the consent of the interested party.
  • Address for notification purposes, date and signature of the applicant.


The interested party must fill out and present the requested information at the following link on the Electronic Office:

Home > All procedures > Non-tax procedures > Processing of Personal Data

Such information includes:

  • ID: The person will have to identify themselves by one of the following means: cl@ve PIN, certificate or electronic DNI.
  • Incorrect data.
  • Modified data.
  • Causes of the modification of said data.