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Orders for the structure and organisation of the Tax Agency

The BOE publishes the review and update of a series of orders regarding the structure and organization of the Tax Agency, which will immediately have the consequent development through various resolutions of the Agency, which will also appear published in the BOE.

The modifications basically focus on two aspects. On the one hand, the Strategic Plan of the Tax Agency 2020-2023 includes the need to advance the process already begun of regionalization and nationalization of certain functions and powers to reinforce the efficiency of the Agency's actions. On the other hand, structural modifications linked to one of the most relevant projects included in the Strategic Plan are introduced, the creation of the Comprehensive Digital Assistance Administrations (the 'ADI') with which a new assistance model will be developed based in non-face-to-face channels, complementary to traditional face-to-face, which will allow better, more agile, simple and quality taxpayer service.