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Tax on Financial Transactions. Approval of model 604

Order HAC/510/2021, of May 26, has been published in the BOE, approving model 604 "Tax on Financial Transactions. Self-assessment" and the form and procedure for its presentation are determined.

To facilitate compliance with tax obligations derived from this tax, a banner has been created with information and access to the procedures for this tax.

We remind you that the filing of the self-assessments corresponding to the months of January, February, March and April 2021, as well as the payment of the respective tax debts, will be made within the deadline for the filing and payment of the self-assessment corresponding to the month of May 2021, i.e. from 10 June 2021.

Tax on Financial Transactions

Orden HAC/510/2021, de 26 de mayo,

por la que se aprueba el modelo 604 "Impuesto sobre las Transacciones Financieras. Autoliquidación" y se determinan la forma y procedimiento para su presentación.