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Change of electronic certificates of the current portal and the new electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency and review of the protocols admitted in the connection with the services offered to taxpayers

WARNING: This change does not affect users of the current portal and the new headquarters of the Tax Agency, who will be able to continue accessing it as they normally do.

On December 1, 2021, the Tax Agency will proceed to change the electronic certificates that are used to offer services to taxpayers. This change responds to managing the upcoming expiration of the certificates and the need to adapt the electronic headquarters certificate to the requirements of article 18. Identification of the electronic headquarters and the associated electronic headquarters, of Royal Decree 203/2021, of March 30, which approves the Regulations for the performance and operation of the public sector by electronic means. Furthermore, in order to reinforce the security of the services offered to taxpayers, access with the TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 protocols will be disabled.

The new electronic certificates will be signed by the certification services provider Entrust. These electronic certificates are recognized by major browsers and the Java virtual machine. The domains affected by this change are:


In the case of entities that access from applications developed specifically to use the services of the Tax Agency, it is necessary that they confirm that their systems will accept the new electronic certificates when they invoke the services. To do this, it will be necessary for them to review whether their systems trust the certificates of the Certification Authority (CA) with which the new electronic certificates of the Tax Agency will be signed.

These Entrust AC ROOT and AC INTERMEDIA public keys are attached below so they can be downloaded and configured if necessary: