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Migration from Enabled E-mail Address (EEA) to Single Enabled E-mail Address (SEEA)

As of 09-06-2021, ALL notifications and communications from the Tax Agency will be available at the single Enabled Electronic Address (hereinafter DEHú).

AEAT notifications are currently available to appear at the Tax Agency's e-Office, at the Enabled E-mail Address (hereinafter EEA) and in the Citizen Folder.

Royal Decree 203/2021, of March 30 in article 42 on the practice of notifications through electronic means establishes in point 5: Any notification whose issuer belongs to the state level referred to in article 1.2 of this Regulation will be made available to the interested party through the Unique Enabled Electronic Address , including the case provided for in article 42.1 of Law 39/2015, of October 1. Likewise, state-level issuers may notify at their electronic headquarters or associated electronic headquarters in a complementary manner to making it available at the single Enabled Electronic Address.

Only electronic notifications are sent to the DEH for appearance. All notifications will be sent to DEHú ##1 , as is currently being done in the Electronic Office and in the Citizen Folder.

You will have access to the notifications deposited by the Tax Agency in DEHú in two ways:

  • Through the portal , authenticating with an electronic certificate or Cl@ve PIN.

  • Through web services for massive download of notifications offered by DEHú.

    • Instructions on the PAe Electronic Administration Portal

In order to allow time for the adaptation of the necessary developments, there will be a transitional period that will end on April 4, 2022 during which the sending of notifications to the DEH will continue. At the end of this transitional period, the Tax Agency will stop sending notifications to the DEH.