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New services in AEAT auctions: property search engine and telephone service

The Tax Agency launches a property search application and a telephone service to facilitate participation in its auction procedures, which are published through the Official State Gazette Portal. 

This search engine has been designed to locate in an agile and simple way any property that adapts to the needs of the interested person by completing a series of filters, among which are the province where the property is located, the type of property or its assessment ( consult the brochure here)

In addition, the search for properties is allowed through the “map” option, where anyone can know the exact location of the properties through a geolocation system.

The new functionality incorporates, in turn, the possibility of saving selected properties as favorites to facilitate their recovery in future accesses to the search engine, or even sharing them via mobile instant messaging.

Additionally, in the event that at a certain time no property meets the entered criteria, an alert subscription system has been enabled that will notify you when an auction that meets those criteria begins.

No type of authentication is required to access the consultation service. Subscribing to the real estate notification system will require having a Cl@ve PIN to access from the app, while access through the electronic headquarters can be done with both a Cl@ve PIN and an electronic certificate or DNI. ( More information to Register in Cl@ve)

If access is carried out from the Tax Agency app, it will only be necessary to click on “More information and procedures” on the main page of the app, where you can access the auction property search engine ( download the app) . On the other hand, access from the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency must be done through the “Information and procedures” section and selecting “Debts, constraints, seizures and auctions”. Once there, the link “ Auctions (BOE Auction Portal )” allows access to both the new property search engine and the auction participation system.

The launch of this new functionality is added to the implementation of a specific information and telephone assistance service so that people interested in participating in the auctions can resolve their doubts throughout the procedure, from when they are interested until they become bidders. or successful bidders.

Telephone agents will resolve any questions that may arise before, during and after the auction. The telephone number that anyone interested in obtaining information should call is 91 598 63 34, which will operate from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through weekday Friday.

With these improvements, the Tax Agency advances in its strategy of facilitating procedures and procedures for the greatest number of taxpayers possible and for all types of profiles, betting on a comfortable, modern, intuitive navigation model adapted to the needs required by citizens.