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Home Income and Wealth Campaign 2022

As of April 11, all the help services are available to review your draft, modify it and, where appropriate, present your 2022 Income Tax return online through 'Renta Web' or through the 'APP'.

For this campaign, a 'Virtual Income Assistant' has been incorporated that will complement the current 'Income Informator' as help services to taxpayers to resolve the most common doubts they have when preparing the declaration. In this first phase of implementation, the 'Assistant' will offer information especially regarding real estate and the most common doubts regarding the Income Campaign. If your answers do not contain all the information that the taxpayer needs, a chat service is offered for clarification. In addition, a series of navigation and usability improvements have been introduced in the 'Renta Web' help program to make the process of preparing the declaration more comfortable and agile.

The Tax Agency's 'APP' also has improvements, among which the new direct access to the 'Securities Portfolio' and virtual assistance tools stand out.

The 2022 Income Campaign space on the website includes a new information section for people over 65 years of age.

You can also present the 2022 Heritage declaration starting April 11, only through the Internet.